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Angel Foster
Angel Foster

[S4E8] The Dark Red Caper WORK

The Hawkins group enact their plan: Max, Lucas, and Erica go to the Creel House, while Steve, Nancy, and Robin go to its Upside Down counterpart to attack Vecna. Dustin and Eddie distract the bats, with Eddie sacrificing himself in the process. Eleven's group create a makeshift sensory deprivation tank at a local Surfer Boy Pizza restaurant, allowing Eleven to use psychic projection and defend Max's mind from Vecna, inspired by the times when she went into Terry and Billy's minds. Max begins hallucinating in the Creel attic, but evades Vecna by slipping into a memory. Vecna and Eleven both enter the memory, with Vecna ultimately overpowering Eleven; he pulls the psychic avatars of the girls into the Mind Lair, restraining them with vines. He reveals to Eleven that he created the Mind Flayer, and has controlled the Upside Down ever since. Mike professes his love to Eleven, giving her the strength to break Vecna's control over Max, but after interference from Jason, Max dies from her injuries. Hopper, Joyce, and Murray reenter the prison, where the Mind Flayer's particles - accidentally freed from its cell by richocheting bullets - has entered the frozen Demodogs, reanimating them. Murray burns and kills the Demodogs with Yuri's flamethrower, weakening Vecna through the hive mind; moments later, Hopper beheads the adult Demogorgon with a sword. In the Upside Down version of the Creel attic, Steve, Robin, and Nancy attack Vecna's true form, setting him ablaze; Vecna is severely injured, but flees the Creel House before the group can finish killing him. Eleven uses her powers to revive Max, but the latter's brief death allows Vecna's gates to open and tear through Hawkins, which results in Jason's death. Two days later, the town is recovering from an "earthquake." Everyone unites, while Max remains comatose. Will senses that Vecna is still alive; soon after, dark plumes rise from the four gates, a supernatural storm begins to rage in the skies, and the Upside Down's spores fall across Hawkins.

[S4E8] The Dark Red Caper



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