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Generator Rex Season 01 (Dub)

Generator Rex currently does not air on Cartoon Network. Episodes 56 through 60 were released on iTunes for purchase before they aired. The show "ended" with its third season, but had left out many important things unresolved before the two-part season three finale "Endgame"; namely Rex and Circe's romantic relationship that finally blossomed at the end of Episode 51 "Assault on Abysus" and with Rex rescuing her from Providence ("Mind Games") some time before the two-part finale.

Generator Rex Season 01 (Dub)

Blake Colin Lewis is an American singer-songwriter and beatboxer who was the runner-up on the sixth season of American Idol. Lewis made his voice acting debut in the English dub of the anime series, Durarara!!, in which he voiced Kasuka Heiwajima.

Steeljaw is the main antagonist in the animated TV series Transformers: Robots in Disguise, serving as the main antagonist of the first two seasons and one of the main antagonists in Season 3, alongside Soundwave and Motormaster. He leads a pack of former prisoners aboard the Alchemor who schemes to re-establish the long-disbanded Decepticons and turn Earth into a paradise for Decepticons to live on.

When Megatronus revealed his plans to Steeljaw and his gang, Steeljaw seemed hurt and betrayed by the whole ordeal as he revealed to Megatronus that he simply wanted a place for him to rule with other fellow Decepticons during his fight with him. This is echoed when discovering that Soundwave's bacon generator would leave Earth a barren wasteland and when the High Council's invasion will result in them taking over his planet.

During the course of Endeavour's 16-day mission, Kelly and his crewmates attached a $2 billion cosmic ray detector to the International Space Station, installed a pallet of spare components, staged four spacewalks to conduct needed maintenance and helped the station crew repair a U.S. oxygen generator and a carbon dioxide scrubber.

Kelly, pilot Gregory H. Johnson, Michael Fincke, Gregory Chamitoff, Andrew Feustel and European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori also delivered a pallet of spare parts, staged four spacewalks and helped service one of the station's oxygen generators and a carbon dioxide removal assembly.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL--The Endeavour astronauts helped out with space station maintenance Tuesday, beginning work to service a carbon dioxide scrubber and to install a filter in a U.S. oxygen generator amid preparations for an overnight spacewalk, the third of four planned by the shuttle's crew.

Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff, both veterans of long-duration stays aboard the station, started maintenance work on a U.S. oxygen generator that has had problems with contamination in the water that is broken down to produce oxygen. The astronauts are installing a new filter assembly and associated plumbing that may resolve the issue. After leak checks, the OGA will be activated later in the week for test runs and analysis.

"We can distinguish this particle from billions of ordinary particles," he said. "If you think about it, this is not a trivial job. In the city of Houston during the rainy season, you have about 10 billion raindrops per second. If you want to find one that's a different color, it's somewhat difficult. This illustrates the precision this detector is going to achieve." 041b061a72


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